Zynga parts its ways with facebook, will it be now a gambling or a gaming company?

Let’s discuss on it!

We are well aware of the games like Farmville, poker played on Facebook via Zynga by many of the facebook users. Zynga and facebook were a team but with the recent news of Zynga partying ways from facebook as it wants to have its own gaming users and its own gaming site or a gaming company not affiliated to facebook anymore, there is a serious question out there as in what Zynga emerges as.

zynga poker

zynga poker

Well, let’s get our statistics clear, from a valuation of $14billion there is a fall to as low as $2 billion in past one year. It didn’t maintain growth on facebook and also lost many of its users on a constant basis. Anything to an extent is enjoyable, after that you need something new. Same happened with Farmville or say Zynga as a whole. It did have its own site, an access to the mobile platforms but that too failed pretty much. So now that it wants to part ways, it might prove to be beneficial to Zynga, which can even be seen in its increasing price of shares. U.S. market is what Zynga has its eye on, so does it now emerge as a gambling or a gaming company. Well now when did its stock price increase? When it announced it is on verge of applying a gambling license in Nevada. So does that give a boost to Zynga to be a gambling company and not a gaming company. Well, to add more to statistics, the stock price had seen a sharp fall when there was no news related to gambling by Zynga at big press event. So shall we just assume that some time down the line it is suppose to be a gambling and not a gaming company.

Well, Zynga already has its popularized poker to gamble and Zynga’s love for gambling can be seen from the not so stable stock prices too. Bingo! Too many reasons for Zynga to emerge as a gambling company. The ideas that they already have, the customer support, the experience, the want for short term profits, the drinks at the poker table , let it be virtual too. Do note it’s a psychology that those eye catchers at the table involve you more in the game and you play for a longer time. Rule applied by many, worked for few including Zynga leads all the roads for Zynga as a gambling company.


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