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The techy mom Marissa Mayer, CEO Yahoo is in talking terms with Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg for a search engine. Now, that is a partnership! This is according to a report in the Sunday Telegraph which says it is the inside news from anonymous sources in Yahoo. SO the details and the truth behind this partnership is still not sure but if it is happening then surely it is a big deal. Will it re order the tech companies? Is google at the tip of the sword? Or as bing din’t prove to be a major success in competition to google, so will not the yahoo-facebook partnership’s search engine will be a big threat.

It is definitely a food for thought. This young lady, who made a software to join a company which is suitable for her, did get through google, which was a suitable company for her according to her software results. She is now the CEO of Yahoo, and is on the verge of a partnership with Facebook. It will surely be of help to Yahoo as the partnership with Microsoft didn’t majorly provide a lift to Bing. And the 1billion users of facebook will be surely helpful to bing to a great extent. And what is on the facebook part? There will be a different kind of search engine integrated with facebook, that shall be useful as well. And with Facebook buying Instagram and the good image search of yahoo, the partnership should surely bloom. So it shall in all be of mutual interest to both the companies and prove to be a success to an extent.

But let us ponder on Bing now versus Google now. There is no comparison, we say google it not bing it! Because no search engine is as user friendly as google nor does any search engine yield appropriate results as google does from the entire data. Well now after the partnership how does bing turn up cannot be commented on. All that we can do is wait and watch! And how much of this partnership is true also cannot be stated. I will surely come up with the surety and anything else related to the partnership as soon as it is known. Stay updated.


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