Xbox 360 controller Razer Sabertooth review

The buttons that Razer’s Onza sabertooth controller carries is going to drive you crazy. Very handy, picky and fast click face buttons for the real time clicks that you require. What’s more in this controller is the six extra programmable buttons and the OLED screen. The extra buttons you will find on the shoulder and back of the controller while the tiny OLED screen at the bottom.

Razer sabertooth

Razer sabertooth

So with the regular 12 buttons of a normal Xbox 360, with these 6 plus programmable buttons, you are going to go all gaga over it while playing. Fast, keeps up with the brand of Razer and is meant for the tournament people. All tournament lovers, feel free to buy this controller that comes under a price tag of $80. Some points like the long wire does come sit on my nerves but that long wire is detachable so you can surely detach it, yes we did detach it. Also talking about the backlights of the button is your choice. Keep it off if that light bothers you. However, when in dark, can be of help if you are new to handle the buttons. Yes, we did keep the backlight off too, I am playing a game not typing a romantic message that I need the backlight. Jokes apart!

Final verdict would include is that all we can do is wait and watch if it becomes a lovable controller by many, but coming to the Sobertooth as a controller, all’s done right and set well.


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  1. Shathyan Raja

    Jan 10. 2013

    Nice Article. Xbox 360 gives us a awesome gaming experiences and now added with thiis Razer Sabertooth, I think it will beat the Sony PS3 in the market.

    Also I heard that Xbox 720 is on the way to release from Microsoft soon.

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