Windows 8 Release Preview Landing in Early June

For all the people who are waiting for the final Customer Version of the much awaited Operating System from Windows 8, all you need to do is wait for some more time. Yes. Microsoft had announced the release of windows 8 release preview in the first week of June.

windows 8 release preview

Confirming all the rumors till date. This announcement was made at the Customers Days conference held in Japan, yet no announcement about the Release version. The company seem to experiment a lot with OS, as we have seen two versions earlier and one more is coming in June first week. The final release is rumored to be in October, if we have to believe them.

Thought there are not much details about what the Windows 8 Release preview would feature, as we could see the some small but remarkable changes in from Developers Preview to Customers Preview like the removal of Windows button from the bottom, and many more. And before this release the company is expected to expand the Marketplace Support to 33 more countries.

To Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview - Click Here

The difference between Consumer Preview and the Windows 8 Release Preview might not be very big in terms of new features, but we definitely expect bug fixes and improved stability, as Windows 8 Release Preview is usually the last major version of the OS before the final release.

windows 8 release preview

Hopes are high on the next release as we can expect the Final version in no time after that. Let’s see what the company has instored for its users. Windows 8 is expected ship later this year as three main editions: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and the tablet-based Windows 8 RT.

Going with the success of Consumer Previews’s success it is seen that quite a good number of Windows lovers are waiting for the Windows 8 Release Preview.

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10 Responses to “Windows 8 Release Preview Landing in Early June”

  1. Avinash King Avinash

    May 21. 2012

    Yes, We are waiting to experience Microsoft’s new operating system i.e., Windows 8

    I think it will be more Successful as Windows XP and Windows 7.

    Thanks for sharing information with us.

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      May 21. 2012

      We have used both the developer version and consumer preview and saw many changes. Now we are waiting for this excited to see the new changes.

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  2. Ashok

    May 24. 2012

    Wow, What great & nice News about Window 8, thanks for sharing good & nice update, i like your update.

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  3. Mike

    Jun 20. 2012

    I know its only a Windows 8 preview, but it looks very gimmicky to me. I would instantly disable Metro UI. Anyone who uses a PC for real work is going to find Metro annoying so the final release version best have a way of disabling it otherwise this will be Microsoft’s next Vista moment.

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      Jun 21. 2012

      I agree with you. Many people even won’t able to find the desktop after signing in due to this metro UI concept including my parents. ;) They should come with a disabling option to make it more user friendly.

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  4. Jake B

    Jun 23. 2012

    If I’m honest I don’t really like the look of Windows 8, as Mike said in the comments the Metro UI just isn’t practical for real work.

    If you look on YouTube you’ll find tons of videos of people attempting to use it but getting confused about how it works.

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  5. Sean Devlin

    Jun 28. 2012

    The touch screen technology is here to stay but it remains to be seen if Windows 8 is a winner or not. Many people missed out Vista altogether and went from XP to Windows 7. The same thing might happen again.

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      Jun 29. 2012

      Never. It won’t happen because many people has used developer & customer preview. Now it’s time for the release preview. Let’s see how it run.

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  6. Nitya

    Jul 12. 2012

    yeah… looking forward towards windows 8 release. A lot of expectations from it .I hope window8 will overcome all the pitfalls of window 7.

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