Will Siri and Maps come with OS X?



Apple has always been a remarkable example out there but not when we talk about Maps or Siri. For maps infact Tim Cook has been seen apologizing multiple times and nor is Siri being delivered up to the mark.  However when we talk about future, both these features are very important for apple to aintain its position in the highly competitive world.

So when we talk about apple’s Mac coming with Siri and Maps, there is loads out there to be improved on for the Mac fever to be maintained. We saw Mountain Lion with much of iOS features and if same continues, we really need to actually sit on the chair and wait for what does the maps bring in now.

According to reports, Maps is not going to be a stand alone app but just a framework for developers. But when we talk about 10.8 and 10.9, both being worked on by apple, Apple might introduce Maps as a standalone app in 10.9 once it is improved.

apple maps

apple maps

When we talk about Siri, voice assistance is already available with Mountain lion and Siri shouldn’t bring a major difference on Mac as it does on phones and tabs. However for setting reminders, weather conditions Siri feature will help to be user-friendly.

But its more about two criticized featured to be coming with OS X. There it enters the Mac world too. Would that be safe after so much criticism. Why would Tim Cook take such a risk with early cynicism. Well it’s the long run play against google we are talking about. Though Maps did really bad, a total failure however working on it is a right direction for Apple if it wants to be independent of Google. So will Siri have everybody’s eyes glued to it if it is improved and starts working as expected. OS X 10.9 likely to be released in Late July with inside features and upgrades to be known soon, let us be updated to what we are offered next.


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