Will FB slowdown with the security concern of 1billion users.

Facebook security

Facebook security

When we talk about securing information of 1 billion people, difficulty does arise and that’s what facebook had always predicted. Now, facebook has an option of HTTPS to the users when they login with their username and password. What does HTTP do better? With the help of HTTP, it becomes difficult for an intruder to drop in which as a result secures data. So all those attacks when you login are avoided with the help of HTTP. All gmail users would be aware of the option of loading mails in Basic HTML. Why so? Because many users, security issue.

Facebook has allowed its users to load in HTTP since Jan2011, however that resulted into very slow connection leading to boredom. It is just because when your page is encrypted, it ought to take a long time. If you check your settings, you have an option to browse facebook on a secure connection i.e. HTTPS when possible. This is nothing but for security purposes. Facebook does realize the security issue, and we have also faced many problems related to the secure browsing of facebook. And with the constant increase in number of users, it is definitely a big issue to be solved.



Facebook news says that they are soon; actually immediately going to start HTTP connection for its users, with immediate action on North America users and then spreading to the world. This will slowdown connection slightly though and not majorly. And the facebook techies are working on the same for even more fast connection.

So the verdict! Facebook connection will slowdown slightly! However for people who don’t care about their data can opt out of HTTP if blazing speed is what they want. You have a choice between a slow connection and secured data. Choice is yours!

Now, facebook is making HTTP as a default connection and opting off HTTP can be done by interested users through account settings. But ponder upon, why HTTP as a default when it is a slower connection comparatively. This step surely indicates, security as their priority over connection speed. A bit slow connection is bearable than eavesdropping, I must say. We login through facebook via public wi-fi’s and other unsecured connection, why let your data be a free pool to everyone? So this new feature is surely going to make facebook users secured and feel free to share their data, photos et all.


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  1. Hemanth

    Dec 04. 2012

    useful info!! one couldn’t live with a slow fb connection :p

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