Whatsapp to be acquired by facebook soon?



The popular messaging app working on multiplatform mobiles from androids to nokia, from blackberry to iPhones, this crazy app is already being used by innumerable users and the giant facebook is on talking terms for acquiring Whatsapp. It is like net is a big thing and mobile phones is a much more big thing.


With facebook having 1billion active users, reaching the next billion shall be possible only after merging with the phone arena. The deal details are still not disclosed and not revealed, however it will be soon. Its like Whatsapp is on iPhones too, Blackberry too though blackberry has its own messenger BBM, Symbian platform, Android, Windows and Nokia S40 also. That’s a big platform. So Mark Zuckerburg does have the vision to add a billion more users of facebook via this deal perhaps! I mean studies reveal that whatsapp delivers more than 1billion messages per day, which is like huge! It is humongous! Well Whatsapp though a paid app it is numero uno paid app by android users and placed 2nd as an app paid and download by iPhone users. So its like after the first free year for Whatsapp, people are used to it and end up paying for the services from the next year, though not costing much like $0.99. So it’s like the free facebook is taking over the paid whatsapp. Well how far has the deal reached is clueless, but is happening that’s for sure. Such acquisitions do create history, not to forget the power that facebook already has with 1billion active users.

Yes, shall be beneficial for both and even exciting for users. Because phone is the next big thing and facebok has the market. The acquisition should bring in with some changes. Still the details over the deal are however not revealed, but seems to be pretty exciting. We shall get back to you with further news over it. Stay updated with us. J


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