WhatsApp grows bigger than Twitter

WhatsApp, the just about free electronic messaging app, currently has a lot of users than Twitter and carries a lot of messages than Facebook, in line with its chief government.

The service has attracted a lot of monthly users than the two hundred million claimed by Twitter, Jan Koum told a technology conference on Tues. He didn’t unleash a particular figure, however.

He conjointly same WhatsApp carries as several as twenty billion messages per day, double Facebook’s daily message traffic.


Although WhatsApp is seen as a lot of of AN internet-based threat to text electronic messaging than as a competitor to social networks, the figures represent major milestones for a service that was solely introduced in 2009.

Koum same WhatsApp, primarily based in geographical region, won’t follow Facebook and Twitter in carrying advertising, however. The app charges a 99-cent annual subscription on mechanical man and alternative smart phone operative systems.

“We do have a declaration opposing advertising,” same Koum.

“We’re therefore bombarded with ads most in our daily lives and that we felt that smart phones aren’t the place for that. Our phones area unit therefore intimately connected to United States, to our lives.

“Putting advertising on a tool like that’s a foul plan. You don’t need to be interrupted by ads once you’re chatting along with your dear ones.

“Our validation strategy is straightforward. One green backs a year. If we have a tendency to do one thing besides that, it’d simply get within the method.”

WhatsApp presently charges solely a occurrence transfer fee of sixty nine pence for its iOS app. In previous interviews Koum has indicated iPhone users are migrated this year to identical annual subscription theme as mechanical man users, however. He same the subscription charges had not affected the recognition of WhatsApp.

The firm recently denied it had been in active discussions to chuck out to Google, though didn’t deny talks had taken place.


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