What’s in store for technology this 2013?


Now, that the last day of the year has arrived and we step in a new year with loads of expectations, let’s have a look at what is expected from the new year related to technology. Let’s just talk about the positive advancements expected this year and start our new year with the hope that the expectations are fulfilled. Let’s have a look at 5 most expected tech advancements this year.


1.Android will continue to rule:

Android phones will dominate the market with as high as 40% of market to be android users and iOS seems to be niche with the 18%. For one year to go, these seem to be the statistics. A bit change here n there, but definitely android will dominate by large numbers.

2. Google Maps will continue to be the best:

Inspite of various efforts by Apple, Nokia and many, Maps is totally google’s area the way search engine belongs to google. Even in 2013, though various Maps will come into picture, Google will remain unaffected at numero uno.

Technology3. Cloud services expands:

In this year, the cloud services will expand. More the cloud services, the more the IT work rooted, more the blogs, more the websites and just everything that the memory will retain.

4. Google Fiber will be there for the public:

Google Fiber, that will offer blazing fast internet connection and speed that is integrated with entertainment and communication will be a technology available for the mass, and yes not only to Missouri region, shall come for all the continents. It will expand like the blazing speed that it has in the markets.

5. Streaming services will follow the mobile way:

We hardly buy a normal music player or a GPS generally because the tablets and smartphones have already replaced by offering integrated solutions in the mobile way. So, is predicted with streaming services this 2013, nothing but to be replaced by smartphones and tablets. Let’s wait for our in car satellite receiver s that we can play our streamed playlist from our smartphones, thanks to innovations that come from companies like Amazon.



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  1. legal transcription

    Jan 02. 2013

    Great Post. Nice Prediction. Thank you for sharing

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  2. Daniel

    Jan 06. 2013

    This is awesome post :) thanks for sharing.

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  3. Arsie Organo

    Jan 08. 2013

    Well I can’t wait until I get the next promising Samsung Galaxy S IV this year. :)

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