What Is Cloud Hosting? A Brief Review

Many times you come across this word Cloud Computing or Hosting, and the first picture that comes to mind is many parallel processors working. A picture of cloud is created which contains many processors, memory and other devices. But that is not the actual scenario when it comes to the Cloud Hosting, it refers to various servers hosting the sites collectively instead of a single dedicated server, like in the older days.

Now a days who so ever is connected to the internet is using cloud services in one or the other way and giant promoter of this idea. One of the major and common example is the Google and the sevices provided by it. Google owns millions of servers to store its users data. The infrastructure that it uses is really huge and massive and is increasing day by day.

What is Cloud Hosting?

When a website is hosted on a multiple servers instead of using only a single dedicated servers, this not only limits the site capacity but also prone to failures. Cloud hosting not only reduces the risk of failures but also also makes the power to infinity as in you can add as many severs as you can.

Advantages :

  • Easy to migrate you website.
  • Cost effective and you have to pay for what you use.
  • Need to reserve huge amount of space and power.
  • Highly scalable(load balancing, hardware upgrades, etc).
  • If there is a sudden crash in server, then only some part goes of-line but the major part remains unaffected.

On the whole this seems to be a lot more safer, faster, flexible, easy to use, update and so on, kind of service and its advantages and key features stand strong by it. But there are some major problems and issues about which the questions are often asked.

Problems :

Here I did not mention disadvantages as because, looking at it in broad way we cannot find any disadvantage and this is the reason for its success, more over now a days the traditional server-client/dedicated architecture has completely disappeared.

One of the major issue that haunts the users and most of the question are asked regarding the security as in you have to share your data with other on the same servers and the users fear if some dody gets an access to their data while stored on cloud. Will security has been the major concern from a long time, but with the evolution of time security has gone to its best levels as of now.

Do share your views and experiences of  cloud hosting.


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9 Responses to “What Is Cloud Hosting? A Brief Review”

  1. Kashish

    Jan 29. 2012

    I think hostgator already has cloud hosting so for that I am already safe.

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  2. Kunal Neeli

    Jan 29. 2012

    ur wlcme… hope u ve shared the post…

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  3. ekta

    Feb 12. 2012

    hostgator for me too. looks fast and reliabel

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  4. Kuldeep Khatri

    Mar 03. 2012

    Nice info about Cloud Hosting. i learned something new here.

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  5. Julia Robyn

    Apr 02. 2012

    As a novice, I began to understand the importance of Cloud Hosting. Thanks for sharing this kind of information.

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