What all Matters to write Effective Blog Post?

What all Matters to write Effective Blog Post?

Like most of you have started a newbie blogging career, I have done the same in my beginning. I used to copy articles from other blogs. But later on, when I started to write myself I found I’m getting very less traffic. Most of you might have experienced the same; you might have spent restless nights in writing posts for your blog but never had the joy of huge traffic or subscription lists. It all matters in the post format, you must should write effective blog post. People never like to read paragraphs alone. Relevant kind of posts are catchy even the content is poor. Look does matter here.

Here are the 6 killing tips to write effective blog post -

Catchy Title

Most of the webmasters reading this article might be using keyword rich titles for their blog. It’s good. But don’t concentrate too much on keywords, let the reader know what you are writing. Readers definitely click the Title when they find it Interesting.


The introduction paragraph does play a key role in attracting the readers. Write something curious or some introduction about the post in the first paragraph. You can also write your personal experience when you came across the thing (for how-to posts). Make the users feel interesting.

Use Proper Headings

If you are an SEO professional, you might be thinking of the tags. For god sake, let’s get back down to earth. I’m speaking of Headings that describe the whole paragraph. They catch the users and make them read the whole article, only if you have used proper catchy headings.

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Sometimes a picture can convey the message where a text can’t. It all matters with the usage. People don’t like to read articles where they can’t find anything interesting. Usage of nice related Images in the posts and using them as Featured Image in the home makes the reader curious. So try adding some images (never add non-related).


Don’t write all the way long like you are sitting in some examination hall and filling the papers is only the aim. I know most of us, does the same in examinations. So you can use your talent here. Engage with the readers. Ask them questions related to the post. Make them comment and when they have made a comment on your post. Do reply them. They feel excited (You know, the owner of this blog has just replied me directly). Try this and they’ll start bringing even their friends to your blog.

Giveaway something

So as the users have been reading your blog daily, give them something in return. Not for everyone I’m saying. Contest something on your blog, in return give them something that really worth attention. To get some sponsors, you can directly email any company and tell them what you are planning to do. If they’ve agreed to it, you may get official SPONSORS.

This post is written by KOUNDEENYA DHULIPALLA. By interest, he is an iPhone fan with an Android. He interest includes Content Writing, Logo Designing, Graphic Designing. Contact @ Koundeenya

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  1. Kuldeep Khatri

    Mar 10. 2012

    Good tips, These all must be followed to write an effective and a good post.

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