Use your Smartphone to lose weight and stay healthy

I am so not my ideal weight and want to lose weight badly. I even have friends who want to gain weight but the determination lacks. It is like if you eating all day and sitting on your office chair or couch, not an inch will move in the right direction so as for you to lose weight. But now we have our cool smartphones to help us be determined, focused and lose weight. No, that doesn’t mean you can completely rely on your smartphones. I am sorry, but these cool apps will surely motivate you and help you to work out for you to shed those extra kilos and pounds.



Apple users we have got MyFitnessPal for you.


my fitness pal app

my fitness pal app  

Apple users will find this app in the App Store which is nothing but a calorie counter. My Fitness Pal is available in the App Store as well as on Google Play. Now how does the calorie counter help you, it definitely keeps a track on how many calories have you consumed and in the conscious of your mind you know you have to shift to low fat and low calories. That’s how it helps, right there to guide you. Apart from that, this application also tracks your exercise and water intake. Common, you dint expect an app to make you lose weight, but the fact that it is tracking, you should be boosted enough to stay fit and do the right exercise, intake proper amount of water and exercise too. You need to enter the calorie intake or else the food intake or just use the barcode scanner using your phone’s camera and make it easy for you.




Nike + Running app for Android and iOS users.

Nike + Running app

Nike + Running app


This app is going to track you when you are in motion via your device GPS. They know your location, speed and elevation too. With Nike+ route tracking you even know where you were the fastest and where were you the slowest. They track only if you move, and give you the data of how many calories you burnt too. The app is available for free and am sure will help you to know the right amount of work out that you require.



Hundred PushUps

Hundred pushups app

Hundred pushups app


It is a domain specific app as the name says, but it does that very well and in a precise manner. Every day one can do five different sets of pushups of different weights. It is so simple to use and so specific, it is like on what level do you enter. I being bad at pushups entered on level 1 while my friend who’s decent with it entered on level 3. You even get a complete graph of your progress and all the required statistics. You can take a couple of minutes rest in between of the sets and also go on another set if you wish. Very user friendly and very encouraging for sure. It is available for $0.99 for iOS users and $1.12 for Android.




Did these apps boost you? These are just a few of the lot available out there. Buck up Android and apple users. Go get fit with your smartphone.


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  1. mccullem ashley

    Feb 16. 2013

    Thanks for sharing one of the best benefit of smartphone inow good health is just slides away

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