Updated models en route to TomTom’s GO navigation series

TomTom breathes new life into its line of moveable navigation devices with this week’s announcement of the all redesigned GO series.

Now, after I say fully redesigned, i do not mean that TomTom has reinvented the wheel. The new GO series still uses identical touch screen on a suction cup type issue that every one dashboard navigators have used for a decade. However, the new models have an additional rounded style than before and currently use a glass touch screen that’s accessible in precisely 3 sizes — four.3-inches, 5-inches, and 6-inches — all of that square measure pretty huge. The touch screen’s electrical phenomenon sensitivity nets you the faucets, pinch-to-zoom. And swipe gestures that one would expect on a smart phone or pill.

The unit additionally seems to form use of a dashboard mount instead of a screen mount that makes ME marvel if TomTom is victimization one amongst those tacky, sticks-to-anything gel suction cups just like the Bracketron Mi-T Grip or TackForm C-Fit or associate degree adhesive plastic puck. I am going to go to wait till additional info is free to search out.


The most dramatic changes to the new GO series happen at intervals its package. within the video below, it’s like TomTom has fully redesigned its interface for this new generation of navigators. Gone is that the ancient menu screen and TomTom’s odd separate maps for navigation and search. Instead, the GO seems to possess one map that serves each function. sound a destination on this 3D map (with 3D buildings) whereas swiping and pinching around brings up TomTom’s new Tap&Go feature that in real time begins navigation thereto purpose.

There seems to be a button within the bottom corner of the screen that brings up a menu that overlays the map and, supported the temporary glances shown within the demo video, the new interface appearance attractive. Users will save their favorite destinations to a My Places list that may be quickly referred to as up at the bit of a button. I favor that users ne’er extremely appear to go away the map for this interface.

The GO series can feature TomTom’s period Traffic service. Once navigating to a destination, can show a Route Bar that presents coming traffic, speed and red lightweight cameras, or different relevant info in an exceedingly simplified type. This period of traffic knowledge can reach the device in one amongst 2 ways: users will Bluetooth combine a Smartphone and use their current knowledge arrange or pick one amongst the invariably Connected models that has its own inherent knowledge association.

Missing from TomTom’s GO announcement is any mention of victimization the knowledge association to pipe different data into the navigation expertise, like however Magellan is group action Yelp, Foursquare, live fuel rating, and cloud destination and favorites syncing into its newest Smart GPS device.

Pricing and convenience of the new TomTom GO series of navigators hasn’t been declared. For the new, slick interface alone, i am inquisitive about obtaining my hands on this new device.


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