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It was believed and rumored that the Taiwan’s HTC will launch three new handsets based on Windows but of the three only two came in the picture with HTC 8X and 8S launched sometime back. So, where did the third one vanish, was it never supposed to be launched?
HTC’s third WP8 device has already hit the market according to a survey of Xbox live rewards. Titan III is what we call it, behind the code name Zenith that we know. So is it like that the new handset is accidently revealed, or are we talking about TitanII that was launched earlier this year. And if that’s not the case, let us keep our eyes on the Consumer Electronics show to be held in January. So it’s like the three handsets that were named as Rio, Accord and Zenith now are known as 8S, 8X and Titan III respectively. That is some data that’s revealed.


Let us have a look at the report by WPCentral, it says, “Every month Xbox Live Rewards conducts a survey that is an easy way for Rewards participants to earn points. Well the December survey makes reference to something that is a bit of a mystery. The survey asks participants how excited they would be if they received the following smartphones as a gift. The survey includes the iPhone 5, Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC Titan III.


Not the Titan II but the Titan III” So yes Zenith will be Titan III once it is out there in the market. So what is Zenith going to offer? Coming with Windows 8, HTC’s new launch will have a 8MP camera with 4.7 inch 720p LCD display. So Microsoft’s brand new Windows8 is going to accompany the TitanIII with other features like 1GB RAM, and a quad-core chip. Let’s wait and watch for this unannounced HTC’s flagship to be announced soon.


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