Twitter now tells you if you have gone over the character limit when you tweet

Now the next time you start composing your tweet and if your character limit exceeds the character limit and your tweet is not clickable then you’ll come to know by all everything turning red. A small change that is going to be so helpful.



Like, you end on typing, adding usernames, url’s and more and suddenly you realize that you have exceeded the character limit. But with this minor but necessary change brought by twitter, the background turning into red from where the character limit is exceeding is enough to know where you should stop for your tweet to be acceptable. So as soon as you go above the 140 character limit, the text turns red and you exactly know from where you need to delete and what is the limit.

Also, we have a slight change for url’s and when you have to refer to someone. Like as soon as you type “@” the colour changes to blue saying that you are referring to someone. The same happens for the url’s that you are tweeting. The change of colour tells you if you are tweeting unknowingly or knowingly.

I wish the feature like facebook of preview be bought soon by twitter. Like a preview of the person you are tweeting is the right person will be known.


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2 Responses to “Twitter now tells you if you have gone over the character limit when you tweet”

  1. Rajeesh Nair

    Jan 17. 2013

    I haven’t used Twitter’s website for a while now so didn’t knew about this update. But thanks for updating with this update. It was already on the cards as Twitter seems like the same except for the profile header pic from when they launched the site. Such updates make the overall experience refreshing and enjoyable.
    Rajeesh Nair recently posted..How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Blog?My Profile

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  2. Jakson

    Jan 18. 2013

    I am using twitter. Your post proved helpful for me. Looking for more nice articles from you.
    Thank you.

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