Twitter teams up with Aviary and announces the Instagram- like photo filters.

Twitter announced that the iOS and the Android users will have its apps integrated with Aviary, the company known for photo editing online. So filters would include vintage, black and white, warm, cool, cinematic and more; a total of eight filters. The heat between Twitter and Instagram has resulted into Twitter with Aviary perhaps.

Aviary Filters

Aviary Filters



What can you do with the Aviary powered photo filter is:

  1. The eight filters. – Apply any of the eight filters for a brand new look. It’s a play with colours.
  2. Frame the action. – You can zoom; you can crop for the desired focus.
  3. Take a bird’s eye view – How do the filters affect your photo can be seen, all eight filters you can visualize and chose what you wish or like.
  4. Auto-enhance – Change the balance, contrast of the light with auto – enhance.
Twitter-Aviary eight filters

Twitter-Aviary eight filters


The grid view provided does enhance the experience of using Aviary’s app as you can see the result of the photo filters of all eight at a time and decide there and then which you want to go with for a particular photo. Why didn’t Instagram integrate with Twitter? Well, I guess now you know why. If twitter and Aviary were on talking terms and then did end up into a partnership, why would Instagram get integrated with Twitter.

Aviary is the company behind the popular photo editing Sdk, it also powers Flickr, Walgreens, Box. So Twitter has taken a fair decision by leaving the photo editing work to Aviary by partnering.


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