Top 10 Facebook games of 2011

As we all know that Facebook is the no.1 social networking site and people of all ages are addicted to this. Even the kids are also active these days in Facebook, because Facebook has a big list of free online games, which attracts them & force to get sticked with it. Not only kids even teenagers are also a part of the big list of players of  these online games. Out of all most popular game developer is Zynga which has a big list of addictive games. Now 2011 is coming to end so lets have a look on to the top-10 Facebook games of 2011.

Here is the list of top 10 facebook games of 2011 as per our experts view-                             



facebook games


Grab your hard hats and work boots,because it’s time to get building ! Best game ever by Zynga, One of my favorite and one of the most played game on Facebook. No need of description,beacuse the one who is in Facebook they know it very well.


facebook games


The world’s most popular crime game created by Zynga in 2009. Build alliances, amass property, and fight mobs of enemies in games of power and deception. A multiplayer game, play and build your own mafia family and increase your mafia network as big as possible.



It’s as freaky addictive game. Developed by Zynga in 2009, Most popular game of Facebook. Provides you enough of land to maintain and grow your farm. Trade items to your friend’s farm and grow your’s.

                            4.The Sims Social

facebook games

Create unique Sims and live out their dreams, stir up trouble, develop relationships, befriend and fight, date and cheat, love and betray. Play with life with your real friends for free!

                                   5.Texas Holdem Poker 

facebook games

Zynga Poker–the world’s largest Texas Hold’Em Poker game with over 7 million players each day! Play with friends or meet people from around the world. Get FREE chips every day that you play! If you have a little interest in gambling,then this game is for you only.

                                       6.Bejeweled Blitz 

facebook games

Love to Solve Puzzles then Play the award-winning hit, Bejeweled Blitz! World’s most popular puzzle game “This game can turn you from a normal person to an obsessive fanboy in a matter of 60 seconds!”

                              7.Cafe World 

facebook games

A virtual cooking game. It is a game where you can become a master chef and build the food empire of your dreams and share those with other members ! Choose from dozens of dishes, then slice, chop, saute and bake your way to the top of the culinary world!

                          8.Words With Friends 

facebook games

It is a multi-player word game. After android & iOS now on Facebook. In addition, there is a chat feature built in the game that allows you to chat with your opponent. Players can take turns building words crossword puzzle style with one or more friends, or by being matched with random opponents. Its rules and point system is based on that of the board game Scrabble.                

                             9.Empires & Allies

facebook games

Secure your territory, build up your forces, and team up with your neighbors to defeat the Dark Alliance—or stage an invasion against your friends! Players get 15 empire points when starting the game and have to pay to get more.

                            10.Treasure Isle 

facebook games

Another game by Zynga ,similar to FarmVille. Earn points and gift to neighbors to access more by hunt treasure on an island. It is types of games which can have one or more players who try to find hidden articles, locations or places by using a series of clues.

So, Which one is your favorite out of all this free online Facebook games ? Do comment and share your favorite game with us. Share this article to let your friends know about top facebook games.


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  1. Amit Shaw

    Mar 02. 2012

    I really avoid this type of games specially who are invite me to play this type of games. I starting to play Angry Birds :) . Thats good :)

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