TomTom dives deeper into the GPS sport watch business

This may not be TomTom’s 1st invade the GPS sport watch business (that distinction came with the Nike+ Sport Watch, however the announcement of the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport ar proof that the GPS hardware supplier is obtaining serious concerning the fitness technical school section.

The Runner and Multi-Sport ar supported identical core hardware however feature totally different software system, wristbands, and accessories. The core unit uses an oversized, high-contrast, monochrome show display lined with Gorilla glass, thus it ought to be up to being knocked around a trifle. TomTom tells U.S. that the show isn’t e-ink, however has been designed for simple viewing in direct daylight.

We’re conjointly told that, despite its large screen, the Runner and Multi-Sport are going to be among the thinnest GPS sports watches on the market after they launch. The unit is waterproof up to a depth of fifty meters and options a vibration motor for silent, tactual notifications, a GPS antenna, and an measuring instrument.


The screen isn’t touch-sensitive, that the majority of the user’s inputs happen on an oversized, multifunction button below the show on the wrist joint band. This button is often broach or pushed in four directions sort of a d-pad to form onscreen picks. TomTom points out that the GPS receiver is embedded below the button, wherever it’s away from interference from the watch’s internal physics — that ought to aid in GPS signal acquisition.

A Bluetooth affiliation ought to conjointly facilitate the watch to position itself quicker once paired with a smart phone running a companion app by creating use of the phone’s location and network information to hurry up GPS acquisition. The app conjointly permits users to form changes to bound watch functions and presets and perform information synchronization. Users can even connect their Runner or Multi-Sport with a Web-connected computer or Macintosh to synchronies run information with TomTom’s on-line community or with different fitness communities like Run keeper or My Fitness Pal.

Thanks to the measuring instrument, the Runner and Multi-Sport will track indoor running on a treadmill while not the necessity for a separate foot pod (like the Nike+ system) by activity the swing of your arms as your run. User will access a spread of coaching modes as well as a virtual race mode wherever you are trying to beat your best time on a route.

As I explicit, the distinction between the Runner and therefore the Multi-Sport lies within the software system and accessories. The Runner options programs specific to running, however the Multi-Sport adds metrics for chase swimming (stroke kind, range of strokes, laps, then forth) and sport performance. The Multi-Sport ships with a lot of strong wrist joint strap and a bar mount that may be wont to affix the core unit to a motorcycle once far away from the strap.

The TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport conjointly use their Bluetooth connections to speak with a spread of accessories, as well as heart-rate monitors and bicycle speed and cadence sensors that may be obtainable for purchase on an individual basis or bundled with the watches.

Pricing and precise handiness are going to be declared nearer to the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport’s summer 2013 launch.


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