The gorgeous HTC One is a winner

As HTC’s new flagship smart phone, the HTC One is packed to the rafters with top-notch parts and technologies together with a number of the most recent process gear from Qualcomm. Additionally to being state of the art, the successor to 2012′s HTC One X is fondly crafted from premium metals, going away little question that the Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer has place a substantial quantity of blood, sweat, and tears into this telephone.

Like all alternative smart phones, the One is not excellent — it lacks each associate SD card slot for additional storage growth and a removable battery. The camera is not quite as revolutionary as publicized. Humanoid purists might not love HTC’s Sense UI skin, and therefore the One’s non removable Blink Feed news reader is not notably welcome.

That said, I will simply say the HTC One is that the quickest, most stunning phone I’ve ever used. It ought to be at or close to the highest of the list for anyone yearning for a phone on Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T — wherever it’ll be going head-to-head with the Samsung Galaxy S4.


Pricing and handiness

The HTC One is going to be oversubscribed by 3 of the four major U.S. cellular suppliers. (It’s reported — however not confirmed — to be coming back to Verizon later this year likewise.) Here’s however it stacks au fait every carrier (prices shown area unit with a biennial contract):

AT&T HTC One (32GB, $199.99; 64GB, $299.99): 4G LTE; co-occurring voice and data; black and silver color options; on the market Apr nineteen

Sprint HTC One (32GB, $199.99): 4G LTE; black and silver color options; on the market Apr nineteen

T-Mobile HTC One (32GB, worth not announced): 4G LTE; on the market Apr twenty four

HTC One Developer Edition (64GB, $649): 4G LTE; unfastened SIM and bootloader; on the market Apr eighteen

We used the silver 32GB version of each AT&T’s and Sprint’s HTC One for our review, likewise as associate unfastened international model.


Rectangular, flat, and intensely skinny, the HTC One is much all screens. Its 4.7-inch (1080p) digital display uses what the corporate calls SoLux technology for improved image quality and generates 468 pixels per in. (ppi). This, says HTC, helps the One’s screen boast the foremost spectacular viewing expertise of any phone it’s ever created. Since the show is slightly smaller at constant resolution, the One’s screen includes a denser element count than the Droid deoxyribonucleic acid (5-inch, 440ppi). Constant goes for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that uses a bigger 5-inch OLED screen (441ppi).

I will actually verify that the One’s show has lots of impact with spirited colors, wide viewing angles, and lots of brightness. Details conjointly look extraordinarily crisp, that makes American state wanting to stack the One’s show against that of the Galaxy S4. i believe that Samsung’s latest monster can provide higher distinction and brighter colors, however the jury continues to be out till I place each handsets facet by facet.

HTC conjointly makes an enormous deal concerning the One’s all-aluminum chassis, describing it as employing a zero-gap uni body style. Indeed, on the market in black and silver, the telephone feels durable, has assuring heft, and its swish, gilded skin exudes high-end skill. HTC conjointly took pains to indicate that whereas the skinny, white trim peripheral the silver model I manhandled seems to be plastic, it is, in fact, metal.


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