The Evolution of Social Networking [Infographics]

As we enter another decade of the Internet, perhaps it is time we look back at what has come before in social networking, and where it may be going in the future.

Here’s a visually organized look at the past 40 years or so of social networking history, from Usenet to AIM to Friendster and beyond. This particular infographic comes with some fun facts; for example, did you know that the first version of MySpace was coded in just 10 days?

Users with profiles on social-networking websites put up pictures and videos and interact with friends and family at times and places that are convenient to them. On social-networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, users connect to friends, join groups, learn about events to attend, buy tickets, play games, chat and more. It seems like every second person has a profile on one of these websites, and everyone else is fast catching up.

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evolution of social networking

Here we have shared the full list of evolution of social networking.

Share us in the comments below, where you set up your first “social” online account and where or when you think social media truly began and which social network you liked most.


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7 Responses to “The Evolution of Social Networking [Infographics]”

  1. Naweed

    Jan 22. 2012

    Excellent infographic on the evolution of social networking!

    I’d like to add that Google+’s Hangouts feature is so far the biggest innovation in the history of social networks.

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  2. Kuldeep Khatri

    Feb 10. 2012

    I think social network has changed our lives completely,
    though their are surprises too which would be coming in future :)

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  3. rajesh kendole

    Feb 28. 2012

    I’d like to add that Google+’s Hangouts feature
    is so far the biggest innovation in the history of
    social networks,
    while the facebook is at its best.

    and i prefer fb

    Google+ vs Facebook Match

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  4. Saikrishna

    Feb 29. 2012

    Nice Infograph .Very helpful in projects :)

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  5. Kuldeep Khatri

    Mar 03. 2012

    Great Infographic. Thanks for sharing.

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