The evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy S smart phones (video)

At last, Samsung has introduced the globe to the Galaxy S4 smart phone, holding its 5-inch toy aloft sort of a very little electronic Simba. Whereas the South Korean technical school giant’s latest effort is shaping up to be a dynamite very little mobile, however, it did not emerge from Samsung’s forge totally fashioned.

Instead, the S4 is that the results of years spent crafting and processing mobile technical school, in a trial to make the most effective humanoid phone ever devised.

In the video on top of we have a tendency to don our huge bushy Darwin beards and take a glance back at the origins of Samsung’s Galaxy S series, exploring however the more and more in style line has evolved.


The journey begins in Gregorian calendar month 2009, with Samsung’s initial humanoid phone — the standard i7500, conjointly called the Galaxy.

Fast-forward some years, and you reach the turning purpose — Samsung’s Galaxy S2. With a huge four.3-inch screen that outshone the competition, this mobile blew American state away once I initial got my mitts on that, right away superbly powerful and shockingly slim and light-weight

In 2012, all eyes were on Samsung to ascertain however it might follow the S2, and that we weren’t frustrated. a brand new oval-shaped style, a good larger screen and a mountain of package and apps created the S3 one in every of the foremost feature-packed gadgets ever engineered.

With the Galaxy S4, Samsung has well and actually found its groove, mixing huge, bold, last package with each single “S”-branded app it may build. Some fans have criticized Samsung’s newest effort for being too just like the Galaxy S3, but — does one suppose Samsung is taking the lazy approach? Or just processing associate degree already-great mobile?


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