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At this rising world remote desktop sharing is vital when it comes to monitoring a bunch of team mates when they’re working under you. Most remote desktop support software require the user install one or more software packages that will allow the shared connection between points. There’s the issue of security, connection speed and more among others. Techinline tries to alleviate these hassles by having a browser-based remote desktop support software.

Now-a-days many people are making money from the internet. To be  always connected with your clients you must have a remote desktop support software like Techinline.

Features :

  • Access the desktop of any computer connect to the internet.
  • Transfer files between your computer and the connected remote computer easily.
  • Reboot the remote computer and reconnect it.
  • Chat with the remote user.
  • Firewall that Provides a secure connection.
  • You can also share your desktop with the client.
  • It is compatible with latest windows 7 64 bit version.
  • It supports Multi monitor that is you can also work if the client has two monitors connected to his PC.
  • Customization and Integration.
  •  It Automatically adjusts the connected desktop’s resolution according to your desktop.
  •  No software installations are required. It directly connects with web browser if you have an internet connection.
  • It’s reporting tool provide a report including number of sessions, total session time, Ip address etc. which will be very helpful for any future needs.

Pricing :

Techline comes at a really affordable price being cheaper than most of the famousremote access desktop sharing application available. It comes with two types of licenses.
  • Subscription license: It allows you to have a number of sequential sessions over the license period. Each license can be used to run single session at a given time. It is the best deal for business purposes
  • Per- Session license: It follows pay as you use model. You can run multiple sessions a given time for a particular account. It can be connected to the same machine any number of times in 12 hours. It is best suited for personal needs.

Conclusion :

Techinline is a remote desktop support software which can provide your business a complete support based service with Remote access to your clients. Plus many more feature to brand your business online. Teamviewer takes a lot of time to setup to get it all working, also the other person must have the software installed on his system for the whole thing to work. Whereas Techinline is a very light weight web remote support software that works through your web browser.

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3 Responses to “Techinline – Best Remote Desktop Support Software”

  1. Satyakam Pradhan

    Apr 19. 2012

    hey Hursh,

    I also like this Techinline as I have heard a lot about it and even i think that this software is worth trying as a REMOTE DESKTOP SOFTWARE. I also tried it several times and find it useful…

    Thanks for sharing…. :)

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  2. deanne sotero

    Jul 10. 2012

    The features of the Remote Desktop Software Techniline are great and the price as well since it is quite affordable compared to other softwares offered online. Thanks for the info friend! :)

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