Windows 8 Release Preview Landing in Early June

For all the people who are waiting for the final Customer Version of the much awaited Operating System from Windows 8, all you need to do is wait for some more time. Yes. Microsoft had announced the release ... Continue Reading →

Instagrille : Instagram For Windows Computers

Instagram for Windows : Isn’t Sounds cool ? After the release of Instagram’s the much awaited Android app, and within a day or so there almost 1 million downloads all over the world. Three ... Continue Reading →

Unexplained Interesting Facts About Microsoft Windows

We all know that Microsoft Windows is the best Operating system till now and it booms in market. But many of you are not aware that it has many interesting bugs which are still Unexplained. Here are ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Windows Phone Apps In The Marketplace

Like istore or other platforms for downloading the vast range of applications and games, Windows has its own Marketplace where in Windows Mobile users can buy or download windows phone apps for free, the ... Continue Reading →

How to Increase your Internet Speed In 30 Second

Are you suffering with the cause of low internet speed, then you need not to be worry if you are using windows then you can increase your internet speed by just few simple steps. There are many steps ... Continue Reading →

Nokia Android Phone | Still A Mystery

Everyone is hell excited about Nokia Android Phone, Nokia, the world’s leading and one of the most trusted mobile phone manufacturers seems to be having hell lot of surprises for its customers.First ... Continue Reading →

A Serious Vulnerability in Windows | Must Check

In my earlier post about windows which was how-to-create-a-backdoor-of-a-computer . I mentioned that windows has got more than 900 vulnerabilities as you know I cannot cover all vulnerability in windows but ... Continue Reading →

How to create a Backdoor of a computer!

Like humans, no computer software is perfect including the OSs. Our own windows OS has got 900+ vulnerabilities of which one is mentioned below.The one mentioned below can be used to change the password ... Continue Reading →
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