iPhone 5 – The most awaiting smartphone is finally here!

The long wait is over. Tim Cook has given the world the best iphone yet! If there is anything that can be the best and simultaneously boring, it is Apple. That is the price Apple has to pay for being ... Continue Reading →

iOS 6 : Top 10 Supercool New Features Out of All

Apple has announced upgrade to its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air range of notebook computers with the launch of new models. It also took the wraps off its next generation operating systems, including Mountain ... Continue Reading →

AT&T Will Unlock Off-Contract iPhone Starting This Sunday

Damn fed up with an Locked iPhone then this Sunday is a lucky one for you  AT&T has announced it will begin unlocking customers’ iPhones once their 2-year contracts have expired.  AT&T ... Continue Reading →

iJot – Now Write Messages to Your Loved Ones in Your Own Handwriting

Now write messeages in your own handwriting with iJot. Writing a love letter to your loved ones looks kind off old fashioned things these days as today we have something called SMS,E-Mails where you can ... Continue Reading →

Bump App for Android

  Bump makes sharing photos, contacts, and apps with people as simple as bumping your phones together. Compatible with Android and iPhone too! The Bump Android App lets you share photos, contacts ... Continue Reading →
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Top Real Estate Applications For Your iPhone

In today’s fast faced life everything is dealt with the help of iPhone’s and mobiles and real estate business is not away from it. Now people are moving towards mobile based applications to deal with ... Continue Reading →
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Apple Catching Up to Android: True or False?

Nielsen recently came out with a study that states that the iPhone 4S jumpstarted iPhone sales last quarter, finally boosting Apple’s market share. While Nielsen had formerly stated that only about 25% ... Continue Reading →

Apple’s iPhone and iPad could be banned in Germany

  Well Apple’s iPhone might have built an empire taking over the world. But looks like there could a break to it, at least in Germany. By what they have described as a victory for Motorola, ... Continue Reading →
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