PDAnet – Now Tether Your Android Phones with a Computer With Ease

Now, Sharing up your Android’s Internet Connection is Made Easy By the Use of PDAnet which is yet another Internet Tethering Application available for your PC that so helps you enjoying the use of ... Continue Reading →

FBI Predicting Thousands of Users Will Lose Internet Access In July

It is the era where every computer user connects to the Internet to check about the latest happenings. It is impossible to imagine a day without Internet in the life of such technology geeks and enthusiasts ... Continue Reading →

MegaUpload File Sharing Site Shut Down Over Piracy

A day after the internet blackout by almost all the major internet players namely Wikipedia, Tumblr and so on. The US department of justice (DOJ) arrested the founder of one of the leading online file ... Continue Reading →

How to Increase your Internet Speed In 30 Second

Are you suffering with the cause of low internet speed, then you need not to be worry if you are using windows then you can increase your internet speed by just few simple steps. There are many steps ... Continue Reading →
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