google maps indoor

Google brings Indoor street view on Search Result Pages.

Google got its Indoor Street view technology sometime back under the name Google Business photos, however the images were too hard to find and were not that easy to locate in the Google’s listing. But ... Continue Reading →
Find your apple device

Google launches Maps for iOS – A relief for iOS users.

Say bye bye to the inbuilt Apple Maps, as after apologizing Tim Cook has finally launched Google’s Native Maps for iOS users. This Maps version goes an upgrade to the prior Google Maps, with 3D effects ... Continue Reading →
Nexus 4

The Google Nexus 4 review.

A liner: If you are techy and geeky when it comes to electronics, rab the Google’s latest Nexus because trust me it is an amazing one with Android and amazing hardware that comes with it. But think ... Continue Reading →

Are your Blogging SEO Tactics of the Stone Age?

In the mid-90s, most search engines were generally straight forward: their SEO algorithms listed domains alphabetically the same way that yellow pages published telephone numbers, addresses, and services. ... Continue Reading →

Motorola Atrix HD Review, Specifications and Price

Motorola Atrix HD - high-end phone with a low-end price While Motorola’s Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx are two of the best phones around now, which has been available only to customers of Verizon. ... Continue Reading →
Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 getting Android 4.1.1 Update – adds Google Wallet

The Google Nexus 7 has yet to hit retail, but Google has already started rolling out the first Android update for its latest device. If you’re one of the 6,000 Google I/O attendees that went home ... Continue Reading →

10 Google Search Tricks You Might Love to Know

Google has become much more than just a Search Engine, it has become a helping hands for especially students like us (who are really lazy). Type the query in the search box, with in a fraction of seconds ... Continue Reading →
Be quiet, my friend. You can't tell my secrets.

Google Unveils Plans For Country Specific Content Filtering

As most of the Indian users of the Google’s blogspot have noticed their blogs have been transferred from to or according to the countries domain name servers. This ... Continue Reading →
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