zynga poker

Zynga parts its ways with facebook, will it be now a gambling or a gaming company?

Let’s discuss on it! We are well aware of the games like Farmville, poker played on Facebook via Zynga by many of the facebook users. Zynga and facebook were a team but with the recent news of Zynga ... Continue Reading →

Has facebook lost its charm?

Google threated Microsoft, facebook proved a big threat to google, which made them launch google+. Is there something in the market or anything that you can smell which will kill facebook? Well, not yet.  ... Continue Reading →

Whatsapp to be acquired by facebook soon?

The popular messaging app working on multiplatform mobiles from androids to nokia, from blackberry to iPhones, this crazy app is already being used by innumerable users and the giant facebook is on talking ... Continue Reading →

Instagram for iPhone : Updated by Facebook – What’s New?

It has been quite some time Facebook has acquired Instagram and the whole lot of hype that was created during the acquisition. But since then there was no big news about the worlds most popular photo sharing ... Continue Reading →
Facebook video chat

Facebook Ready for a Big Update on Video Chat

One of the major aspect of social networking apart from updating your status or just sharing things with friends and worlds, it the social chat. This is the thing on which our generation spends most of ... Continue Reading →

iOS 6 : Top 10 Supercool New Features Out of All

Apple has announced upgrade to its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air range of notebook computers with the launch of new models. It also took the wraps off its next generation operating systems, including Mountain ... Continue Reading →
app center

Facebook Announces App Center, Is Facebook Phone Next?

Facebook has today announced its own App center ,”a new place for people to find social apps”, As quoted by Facebook team - This App center will provide developers an excellent way to grow their apps ... Continue Reading →

Get Your Past Back of Your Facebook – Download Your Information

I think Facebook it taking an adequate care of its users not only connecting them to their loved ones but also by accessing them to there past events, Now with the feature Download Your Information, first ... Continue Reading →
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