my fitness pal app

Use your Smartphone to lose weight and stay healthy

I am so not my ideal weight and want to lose weight badly. I even have friends who want to gain weight but the determination lacks. It is like if you eating all day and sitting on your office chair or ... Continue Reading →
Nexus 4

The Google Nexus 4 review.

A liner: If you are techy and geeky when it comes to electronics, rab the Google’s latest Nexus because trust me it is an amazing one with Android and amazing hardware that comes with it. But think ... Continue Reading →
quickpic android

Organize your photos with QuickPic – an Android app

Pictures have now become a way of depicting our day to day activities from any functions to just random clicks too. The storage capacity of phones is too good to worry about how many pictures to be clicked. ... Continue Reading →
android vs iOS

iOS keeps Ruling the Web Browsing.

When it comes to apple, it ought to be the best (excluding the maps). Now when we see the comparison of web browsing between the apple users and android users, hardly any change has been depicted over ... Continue Reading →

Jelly Bean updates available this month with Sony.

The new 4.1 Jelly Bean OS of Android’s updates will be available this month for Sony they announced. When will the release date be there, is however not sure. First quarter of 2013 is what Sony had said ... Continue Reading →
android vs apple

Is Android eating Apple’s market?

We are well aware of the innovations offered by the Android and its smartphones, also the low prices that come along with it. While when we come across I-phones, the market comparatively is decreasing. ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Coming on 29th August – Specs

It is been a long time that Samsung is in a mess with Apple for some or the other reason, making its way to the courtroom, but it is showing some evidence of slowing down. According to a famous website ... Continue Reading →

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Skins its Teeth into Android

The Call Of Duty, one of the most dominating name in the Gaming industry with is war-time first-person shooter, has been on the line in the mobile market for a while. And it had been quite some time that Call ... Continue Reading →
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