Sony Xperia Z Review

The all new Xperia Z launched by Sony might give a competition to others. But what is wrong that Sony’s phones ain’t doing that great in the market filled with Galaxies and iPhones. It is about Xperia always had its mark and Sony did try with Models like Xperia T and Xperia S. However, it din’t work it seems and now with a new design and new features let’s have a look to where does Xperia Z land to.

One Liner:  5 Inch screen packed with Android’s Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and great design with impressive user interface and 13MP camera, not to mention the dust free and water resistant to an extent makes Xperia Z to be a good bet by Sony. However, don’t rely on the call quality much in noisy locations and the camera quality is just okay.


Water resistant - Sony Xperia Z

Water resistant – Sony Xperia Z


An ultra thin smartphone with complete glass body has an amazing look. Carrying a 5 inch display, Xperia Z ought to be a bit on the heavier side, however the looks are quite impressive. What I personally don’t like is the rubbered edges, not that comfortable to hold on to. Except the volume and power buttons there are no other keys on the sides, and neither are these buttons very friendly. Like, I expected them to have more click feel which they lack. All slots are covered to be dust and water resistant it seems. All of the slots have their flaps, which is good. The good part is that the phone is protected against dust, and phone shall not be damaged or have problems in water upto 3feet say for 30 mins. All this can be seen from their IP57 certificate which makes this high end model to stand out amongst the other high end models.


Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z


The 5 Inch display phone has resolution of 1080×1920 pixels with a 441 pixel density. All that seems to be great, display we don’t find much flaws to mention.


One of the best user interface packed with Android has Jelly Bean 4.1.2, a reason to cheer. The unlocking methods are not so user friendly but then should be okay once used to it.


A 13MP camera with Exymor RS sensor is quite well resolved when we talk about the camera that comes with Xperia Z. Sony’s cameras have to have its own class but here that doesn’t seem to go well because the image quality is just okay. The interface is great and video recording comes with 1080p and is smooth.

Battery, processor, memory:

Xperia Z has 2330mAh battery which is apt for the large screen. The tried and tested Snapdragon S4 pro is the processor which is amongst the best in the market. Xperia Z has a 2GB RAM making the specifications stronger than ever. Internal storage of 16GB and when needed more, microSD slot always there to rescue. These specs make Xperia Z a strong contender amongst the masses.


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  1. Jessica

    Feb 25. 2013

    I want to have some one like this gadget on my own to experience how wonderful it was. looking forward for the latest updates.

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  2. Agrodut Mandal

    Mar 03. 2013

    I am using this device all I can say go for note 2 best battery life . Sony battery is very poor.

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