Skype now available for Symbian’s FP1 and FP2 devices



The famous and most used VOIP on different platforms has now rolled out the access to FP1 and FP2 devices of Symbian. This app was available for other Symbian devices but not for FP1 and FP2 ones like Nokia 808, 700, 603 Pureview, Belle and others. SO Skype is now all ready for compatibility with these devices and Voice over Internet Protocol via Skype can now be accesses by FP1 and FP2 device users and also buyers.

Nokia 808 pureview

Nokia 808 pureview

So if you wish to hold on to Symbian, Nokia’s prior and original platform, then this news should boost you. It is a 4.88MB app which can be downloaded for your devices. The services that will be provided for Skype will include: To make free skype to skype calls and instant messaging from Skype to Skype, call and texts on phone abroad as well, shall surely save lots of quids out there. You can also share pictures, videos, podcasts and other files from your device. So, Symbian FP1 and FP2 users be charged to welcome Skype on your phone.

Nokia has been working on its Symbian platform for updates now and then and is getting out with notifications and features which might help people to retain their Nokia devices on Symbian platform and not switch to android or iOS or blackberry. Well, to what extent is that going to help is a question unresolvedwith android and iOS platform competing at far higher levels, however it will surely help Nokia’s Symbian to be atleast be present in the market.Not a major update with Skype it is, but the stuck Nokia808 Pureview will now atleast have some new excitement.


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