Why you Need SEO for Mobile Websites? – Tutorial

Last year in December Google has announced his latest news on the smart phone Need of SEO for Mobile Websites. They have tie up for this with many big companies. They have decided to develop a googlebot mobile concerning the mobile sites features, design, structure and many other things. This article is basically written to know the Need of SEO for Mobile Websites.

seo for mobile websites

The main focus is on the devices that are made keeping in mind the need for SEO. From the last few years it was really sad to have a defeat in finding the correct websites structure regarding standpoints. There is one area which is becoming the major issue nowadays which is related to the dealing of the sites with the mobile URLs.

In the last blog of Google they have mentioned the some of the Need of SEO for Mobile Websites. Here are some of them:

  • Smartphone: There is a huge difference in the Need of SEO for Mobile Websites for Smartphone and for Google bots.
  • Features of traditional phones: Earlier phones are supported with long, extensible, special user string but with the development of wireless phones Features has changed a bit and as well as the Need of SEO for Mobile Websites.

There are special style sheet for the Smartphone rather than traditional phones also the Google bots URL structure are also different in both of them. They have not allowed using the same URL along with the structure. Today the condition are changing as the mobile websites are started ruling in place of the Google although SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) becoming critical and complex in the mobile websites day by day.

seo for mobile websites

Hence the need of SEO for mobile websites is in a boom as same like in 1999 year. Once again the customers of the Mobile Website started using the shiny devices for this piece of work in all the areas of the development.

  • Mobile Sitemap: This really help Mobile Websites in searching the exact location of the mobile by using the either the mobile number or either using the IMF number of the sim along with the vendors companies name. Such Need of SEO for Mobile Websites should include structure of the maps of the sites and sometimes also the URLs.
  • SEO Rules for Mobile Websites: There are usually a three mobile rules for the user need of SEO for mobile websites. The first rule tries to make the websites customers by showing mobile audience a better and good quality screens along with the huge user experiences.

Another rule for the need of SEO for mobile websites recognizes the phones on basis of their content and the appearance methods for the Mobile Web. This feature are mostly like by the user as they use to move as quick as possible and covers a longer distances and they can receive the network while on the train/ Bus. In this way all the issue regarding the Need of SEO for Mobile Websites is dealing with great efforts.

Summary: In recent years the trend of mobile traders and designers have change a Need of SEO for Mobile Websites. The main requirements are the basic three rules that each company is following just to cope up with the need required for the SEO.

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4 Responses to “Why you Need SEO for Mobile Websites? – Tutorial”

  1. Pavan Somu

    Jul 13. 2012

    And so now its time for optimizing the theme layout for mobiles too. A responsive theme solves this.

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  2. prabhat

    Jul 13. 2012

    hello teckilla,
    seo is really important for a blogger as most of the traffic comes from search engines and its really nice if we can optimize our posts for mobile websites too..
    it will result in huge traffic
    thanks for this post.

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  3. Amit Shaw

    Jul 19. 2012


    SEO for mobile websites seems like an ideal thing as people are
    more mobile today than ever before. Google never stays behind in such issues.

    Amit from iTechCode

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  4. shaaggooo

    Jul 30. 2012

    SEO for mobile is the next thing. im sure
    as important for any blogger or website owner

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