How To Effectively Save Money While Buying Mobile

If you can save money while buying mobile, most probably, you won’t deny, unless you have a lot of money. Well, mobiles are the need of everybody right now. They help you to connect with your friends and family and help you at many times or can also stress you. Well, in this post, we are not looking at the pros and cons of having a mobile. Actually, we are going to talk on how you can save money while buying mobile phone.

save money while buying mobile

There will definitely be various ways to save money while buying mobile. Well, we would not look into all of them but the ones which I can think of. So, let us move on!

Buy Online

One of the best advantages of online shopping is that you get the things cheaper from the market price. So, you can check several online shopping (e-commerce) websites such as Flipkart, Letsbuy(India) or eBay. Well, make sure that you check all the websites you know thoroughly because you can get your phone at a cheaper price if you don’t check properly.

Use search engines, use the power of Facebook or other social networking sites and well, then you can have a mobile phone at a much lower cost than its market value. Do it smartly and well you will save a lot.

Buy in Holiday Season

Whenever it is the New Year or Diwali or Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other holiday time, you can get all types of things especially gadgets at a very reasonable price. Especially on the Black Friday (US), you can get phones almost free (around $0.01, with a contract of course).

In holiday season, the cost decreases drastically and more people buy the products. Well, the holiday season is limited to if you are not in a hurry, you can wait for the perfect time and save a lot.

Buy Mobile Phones on Contract

Well, here United States and other few countries are very lucky as compared to India. In US, you get top mobile phones very cheaply on contract. You just have to promise by signing a contract that you will use a particular carrier – example Verizon - for the time which is decided at the time of purchase.

This might not give you your favorite carrier but it definitely gives you an amazing mobile phone at a very less cost. For example, iPhones are available at half a price with contracts as compared to the ones without contracts. Also, as told before, Amazon usually sells mobile phones with contracts for around $0.01 on Black Friday. A total steal which helps you to save a lot.

Don’t Buy, Win ‘em!

This one saves whole of your money and makes you feel proud, only if you succeed. Well, from sometime, I have noticed that many companies such as HTC, Microsoft or Nokia are conducting contests such as develop apps, answer some quiz questions, etc. and well you stand a chance to win a phone from the companies. *Microsoft gives Windows Phones away.*

Well, you can attempt to become a developer. This way, not only you can learn new things, you can also earn and eventually, get a mobile phone. Taking part in contests may not guarantee you the phones but you can try it and can save a lot, minus the developer fees you will have to pay.


If you have read the whole article, you will know that you stand a chance to save a lot of money or whole of it. I just want to tell you that if you actually go with what is written in this article, you will soon find yourself into profit. In the end, I just want to clarify that they are just my views. You may have other views and other opinions. You can share them in the comments.

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    This is really interesting post, everyone love when they save money.
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    Mar 30. 2012

    thanks for such a valuable info about saving money while buying mobile…its very useful……

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  3. Sameer Gandhi

    Apr 06. 2012

    Thanks for the great suggestions, as most of the users will be trying to save money by buying an affordable mobile which suits best in all features.

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      Apr 06. 2012

      Thanks for dropping your valuable comment :)

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