Samsung’s S Voice APK Leaked Online – Download Here

Samsung announced last week that it soon-to-be-released S Voice application on your rooted Android 4.0 smartphone. The APK has now made its way into the wild. But the firmware for Samsung’s Galaxy S III has leaked just over a week ahead of the device’s release. XDA member PlaYOuT extracted the highly anticipated S Voice goes to, and made it available for everyone’s downloading pleasure.

It’s clear, though, that S Voice has been modeled very much in Siri’s image, right down to the near-identical microphone icon at the bottom. The software hooks into Android and lets you set calendar events, send messages to contacts, get Wolfram Alpha-powered answers to questions, find out weather forecasts, and so on.

To Read More About S VOICE – Click Here

It seems to work on any device running Android 4.0. The app got tested on a Galaxy Nexus and got it up and running largely without issue barring a couple of crashes. In other devices some of the S Voice features work just fine — such as search or contact queries — other requests such as navigation repeatedly caused the app to crash. You can’t expect this app to behave as it should on the Galaxy S III.

s voice

How to Install ?

Installation is just like any other side loaded .apk the only requirement is that you are running Ice Cream Sandwich. Below is the ways to install it.

  • Download S-Voice on your mobile or PC by Clicking here.
  • Extract the downloaded file. You will get a voicetalk.apk file that is the original S-Voice app.
  • Now, transfer the apk file to your SD Card.
  • Open the .apk file from the file manager of your device and install the same on your smartphone.
  • Now, go back to your app center, and start S-Voice from there.

We cannot be held responsible for any badness that may befall your device as a result of installing the app so please do so at your own risk.

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  1. Tanmay Sawant

    May 20. 2012

    Link me to the original thread please ?

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  2. AIR MAX

    Sep 10. 2012

    When i bought s3, the voice was the same like on this video. But now it has been changed to a woman`s robot voice! I would like to have woman`s voice the same like we hear on video, but i can`t change it back. I have tried everything on settings button (in s-voice, bottom, left), i have tried Language and input settings (on general settings) but nothing. What to do? How can i restore original settings? Thanks advance!

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