Samsung’s Galaxy S IV will come with wireless charging support

S IV, the most awaited pone this year already has quite a number of rumors in its bag. It’s said to have a 13 MP auto focus camera, latest eight core Exynos 5 Octa processor, 4.9 Inch Super Amoled Display with full HD resolution with a pixel desnity of 441 ppi. With this phone running on Jelly Bean it will have the S-Pen stylus that we have seen in Galaxy Note and Note II.

Galaxy S IV

Galaxy S IV

To add more, now it is known that Galaxy S IV will come with wireless charging support.

That’s what the Android Authorities reported via a Korean news site. It will be based on the Qi standards that are introduced by the Wireless Power Consortium. . From all the android Devices, it is only Nexus 4 that comes with Qi standards compatibility by Wireless power Consortium.

The technology will be based on resonant magnetic coupling than the usual electromagnetic induction that is found in the current wireless chargers. The reason why Samsung wants to use resonant magnetic coupling is the distance. Via, resonant magnetic coupling it is stated that charging is possible up to a distance of 2metres while via electromagnetic induction it is not more than 4cm. Quite a difference attained between the distance comparisons between both of them. But that should cost a bomb too. So do they stick to electromagnetic induction with fewer prices or shift to resonant magnetic induction with a higher price is all a matter of time to be known.


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5 Responses to “Samsung’s Galaxy S IV will come with wireless charging support”

  1. vicky

    Jan 20. 2013

    If the rumours are to be believed, I think Samsung S4 will be the hell of a smartphone and break records of Galaxy S3 also. Waiting for it to be announced.

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  2. Shiv Govind Patel

    Jan 22. 2013

    wow Thanks for the info i am exciting to see this. Thanks for a good article!

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  3. chiru

    Jan 23. 2013

    Hi Shreya..
    i Hope this wireless charging is more existent that then samsung galaxy S3′s.

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  4. Restaurants in Marathalli

    Jan 28. 2013

    It’s really a wonderful information samsung galaxy is look different to comparison other set and second things wireless set is demand in market also………………..

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  5. Backpack travel bag, Caprese bags , Vanity case Mumbai

    Jan 28. 2013

    great phone
    thank you for sharing such kind of information

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