Samsung wants to get its hands on wristwatch market too

Apple is not the solely company hectic sensation to induce its hands on the watch market. A Samsung government tells Bloomberg that it too has been performing on wearable devices that act like smart phones.

“We’ve been making ready the watch product for thus long,” Lee Young Hee, government vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, same throughout associate interview with Bloomberg in national capital. “We area unit operating terribly arduous to induce prepared for it. We tend to area unit making ready product for the longer term, and therefore the watch is certainly one amongst them.”

Lee offered no specifics once it came to options, price, or target unharnessed date. The South Korean natural philosophy big already includes a pretty active product unharnessed calendar scheduled for 2013, with 3 high-end smart phones expected to ratchet up its competition with rival Apple.


The speech act comes when reports last month that Apple already includes a team of a hundred individuals performing on a reported sensible watch, generally decision “iWatch,” together with some outstanding Apple staff. Key members of the team area unit same to incorporate James Foster, Apple’s senior director of engineering, and Achim Pantfoerder, a program manager World Health Organization is attributable with thirteen Apple patents, together with associate electronic observation compass and close lightweight sensing element.

Other reports have it that Apple is experimenting with wristwatch-like devices that sported falciform glass. However, a team of this size and with such outstanding membership suggests the corporate may be farther ahead than the experimental part.

Of course, neither company is precisely breaking new ground with the event of Dick Tracy-like school. Lots of smart watches, fitness bands, or some hybrid of the 2, were talked up earlier this year at the patron natural philosophy Show. a number of those devices embrace the the long-awaited stone watch, that created its debut at the conference, and therefore the 007-inspired Martian Passport Watch.

Apple itself even inspired sporting previous versions of the iPod Nano on wrists in 2011, with makers merchandising watchbands that would be hooked up to the Nano to wear it as a watch.


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