Samsung testing Quad Core Exynos 5440 processor

samsung exynos 5440

Samsung Exynos  Processor 5440

It is to be known that Samsung is testing Quad core Exynos Processor, the next generation Cortex A-15 processor for mobile gadgets. Well with the SIII’s successor to hit the markets around April, the next generation A15 quad core Exynos processor seems to be a perfect choice.

The dual core 5250 being extremely fast used in Nexus 10 is efficient and powerful. Samsung is the only company working on the next generation Cortex A15 as of now with 5250 out there with Nexus 10. The results are also quite amazing delivering a fast, powerful output. Exynos 5440 processor goes quad core so definitely it goes better, the details of it are not available though except that the board is called SSDK5440 which will enter a new era of SOC technology.


Exynos processor

Exynos processor

Well now Samsung’s Galaxy SIII successor SIV is to have a quad core processor  is what we have heard, it seems Exynos 5440 processor is what we are talking about then. The display for Galaxy SIV is to be 4.99” 1080 p HD, it is exciting to see Cortex A15 to deliver 1080p. Technology seriously advances with such products delivering at their best.

Cortex A15 has its own feature to manage heavy workload performance and have an efficient use of power and battery. The LITTLE processing technology by AM has definitely worked wonders for Cortex A15, and news like these makes us wait for SIV more keenly. Well, it’s a long wait with 4months more to go to get the Exynos 5440 processor, however the testing carried out by Samsung now of Exynos 5440 makes the Samsung lovers be pretty much excited. So Galaxy SIV to come with this quad core processor shall follow by Samsung’s other mobiles, tablets and might be Samsung’s chromebook too.


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