Samsung Galaxy Skin Flexible AMOLED Display Concept Phone

Samsung Galaxy skin. The particularity of this project is the latest generation represented by the use of special materials that make the terminal fully flexible and thin as a sheet of paper. The concept, called Samsung Galaxy skin, can fold into two or four parts as needed or being used as a video projector.

A recent survey conducted by Nielsen reveals that a great percentage of mobile customers in the United States are owners of smartphones and also that smartphones are responsible for the majority of purchases of new cell phone.

Smartphone is a gadget that has classified the convenience of a tiny computer that can be easily taken anywhere. With smartphones increasing becoming a trend around the globe, iPhones along with Android phones are now components of many households.

A few months after, Samsung confirmed the manufacture of the AMOLED displays which are flexible and set to be debuted by June 2012. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas, Samsung showed off its AMOLED displays. The displays are bendable, can be rolled all the way up and they can even withstand direct hits from a hammer.

 In the place of a glass display, the  AMOLED flexible one utilizes a polyimide substrate made from plastic. Research has revealed that by using plastic polyimide in place of glass, the flexible displays will have the capacity to wrap around a 1-inch cylinder. The flexible display receives electrical signals which result in physical deformation; which is the polymer core technology that is electrically active. One of the best features of the flexible displays is that they make use of AMOLED technology, which means that they are equipped with low energy consumption and bright screens. Furthermore, Samsung has joined forces with Ube Kosan, a company in Japan, which will most likely play a vital role in manufacture of the AMOLED flexible displays.

At this moment we support Samsung with the initiative that it is taking up wish it augurs well for the company. These kinds of technology upgrades will become common affairs very soon. 

Have a look of this Video :

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  1. Amit Shaw

    Feb 10. 2012

    Nice Flexible Smart Phone? Wow. It will be unique.Let see when will samsung release this Tech. Hope I can able to get the news from Teckilla. Thanks for sharing Charan.

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  2. dheeraj

    Feb 10. 2012

    Nice info dude……
    Thanks a lot charan prudhvi

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