Samsung Galaxy S4 Hardware Review: Features Overloaded

Samsung’s new smart phone, Galaxy S4, is a unique and outstanding device on the hardware front. It has got slightly larger screen than its predecessor, Galaxy S III, at 4.99 inch. However, the smart phone is smaller and lighter overall. Further, the Galaxy S4 has got sharper display at the pixel density of 441 ppi while the Galaxy S III has the pixel density of just 272 ppi. It has got one of the sharpest screens in the gadgets market.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has got Android operating system which runs excellently and it is in immense competition with the Apple’s IOS system for iPhone. The Galaxy S4, like most of the Android phones, is featured with a suite of useful Google apps which also includes, Google Maps, Gmail, the voice assistant Google Now and YouTube. The device makers can now customize Android to suit their needs. Thanks to Google! Therefore, now Samsung and others are able to add unique features.

But on the other hand, it has become all the more complicated for lots of people to use. Sometimes it also happens that these features work only sometimes. For instance, in the Galaxy S4 with the Sprint version, you can watch the videos in four different ways – the first comes standard with Android, another one is added by Sprint and the rest two has been added by Samsung. Some content works with one but not the others.

Samsung has got an app called Samsung Hub where you can watch the videos but you have to navigate through two screens that would try to sell you video. This way, Samsung and not the Google gets revenue from video sales.

However, it is a highly praised phone. You should consider buying the S4 for a number of reasons:

Easy Mode: The Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III too has it. Therefore, it’s not new at all but Samsung has made the icons in Easy Mode larger in the Samsung Galaxy S4. Hence, there is a less chance of hitting the wrong one. Also, you will get less choice for customizing the phone and using its camera, so you would be less confused which one to pick.

Multi Window: This feature would you to run two apps side by side. However, it works with a limited number of apps.

Air View: This feature requires the users just to hover your fingers over the phone to view the message or the image and doesn’t require an S Pen. Point your finger to the calendar entry with your finger and the contents pop up in a bubble. This means, you don’t have to open the entry and find the back button to return to the main menu.

Smart Pause: It will automatically pauses the video when you look away from the screen but when you see an unfavorable scene in the video and you cover your eyes even then it pauses the video. Hence, this feature is forcing you to watch the video. You have to multitask and watch the video in such cases.

Air Gesture: You just have to wave your hand over a sensor to browse a photo or scroll through the text. A useful feature while you are driving.

Smart Scroll: It detects the tilt of your phone or head to automatically scroll text. But there is a difficulty in moving back the text without touching the screen. You might have to sometimes keep your neck in an uncomfortable position to stop scrolling.

This guest article has been composed by Christy Root who works for PrePayMania and is a Professional writer, who writes Guest Articles, Press Releases for Mobile Phones. She loves to update herself with different mobile technologies.


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