Samsung Galaxy Camera: An Awesome Camera & A Coolest Gadget 2012

You might not believe but this is true that Samsung Galaxy Camera is not just an awesome camera but on the top of it is a coolest gadget to be seen this year. As the first camera is now available with the data plan, the power of Android OS brings more attention to this device. The combination of a digital camera with internet access is something out of imagination. The shoot and share capabilities, accessing internet and playing with games and apps on camera is something which we never have thought but it comes out to be a beautiful reality in the form of Samsung Galaxy Camera.



Samsung Galaxy Camera is a breed of its own kind and this become possible because of android OS which powered this camera and make it more than a digital camera. Frankly speaking, Samsung Galaxy Camera has got everything which a smart phone has and all it misses is the calling feature. Let’s have a look to its Specs, goods, bads and over all verdict.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Specifications/Features

  • 16 MP Lens with 1/2.3-inch backside-illuminated CMOS
  • 4.8-inch HD touch screen
  • 21X zoom
  • Supporting file format including JPEG/H.264 AAC (.MP4)
  • Highest resolution image 4,608×3,456 pixels
  • Highest resolution video 1,920×1,080 at 30fps
  • Image stabilization ~ Optical and digital
  • Battery type- Lithium ion rechargeable
  • 8GB internal memory which is expandable with MicroSDHC card
  • Powered with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS


  • Combing the power of high end digital camera and charisma of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
  • HD-resolution touch screen
  • 16-megapixel resolution
  • 21x zoom


  • Battery life is fairly short
  • Monthly data plan.

Button Line

Samsung Galaxy Camera is costing USD 499 which is relatively high as compared to the image quality it offers, however if you see the overall aspects including the power of Android, shoot-share experience and others then this compact camera is not a bad deal specially when you are looking for an impressive and ideal high end gadget.


Sumit Gupta, Research Scientist (Human Ergonomics, User Experience) by profession and writer by passion. I love to read on several niches and like to share my thoughts which can bring significant change to lives. "

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