Saavn Android App – Best App for Bollywood Music Lovers

Ever wondered listening to all the bollywood music in one phone without storing any of them in your sd card?
Then u must download the saavn music app from saavan.
Search and play the best songs from bollywood, bhangra, ghazals and more. If you are a fan of bollywood music then this application is just for you. The users can instantly save and create their own playlist and even know about the latest releases and top 15 weekly songs by saavn but of course you need data connection to play the songs. You can also set the bit rate of the song while playing if u have slow data connections.
Well, like every application it also has some pros and cons:
  •  It has all the Bollywood music till date.
  •   The not so good user interface.


Learn how to use it - 


2 Responses to “Saavn Android App – Best App for Bollywood Music Lovers”

  1. Kuldeep Khatri

    Mar 14. 2012

    Great share buddy.

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  2. luli

    Jun 13. 2012

    saavn is great but some songs arent available….in some places which sucks….

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