S4 and Iphone 5S – Head ON!

Don’t forget that samsung’s S3 was the most desirable and best smartphone released in last quarter and yes, it did steal the I-phone’s title. We saw S3 getting released in May while Iphone5 quite after some time, released this September. More the early a product launches, more eyes it catches.

Well now the data reveals that Samsung’s next and I-phone’s next i.e. S4 and 5S are going to launch with a couple of months gap. Now that’s a head on collision with the best smartphones built ever. What made Iphone to be launched a quarter early? Will that help apple to gain customers at a larger extent comparatively?  We saw more number of Samsung’s S3 sold over I-phone’s 4S last quarter which surely made apple to lose their title of most popular smartphone.



So yes might be the arrival of Iphone 5S early than expected is related to the Samsung’s S4. Well, whatsoever it maybe, the launching of two best smartphones shall surely excite us. Let us go in desired specs detail of them as of now.

Well for S4, all that people expect is a smaller size than S3. Well, it is strange because weren’t you happy with the mini S3? But it is about fit in the pocket. Easy to carry shouldn’t be an issue which makes Samsung lover to ask for smaller S4. Even a few cms will make a difference; obviously we don’t expect loads of difference because wide screen and other specs is not what we want to compromise on. But a bit here and there, at the top and bottom, slightly less width should be perfect. Also more battery life is what they ask, better visual display and also metal or aluminum casing. Well it is only once it is revealed we will have an idea of what is in store for us. Android surely will leave no faults and so will samsung’s hardware not, taking S3 as a smart piece into consideration.

While coming to I-phone 5S, like other successors, this ‘S’ device by Apple will again flaunt Iphone5 similar designs with new features integrated with minor more add-ons here and there. So all in all, both the phones seem to be and are expected to be fantastic. Let the best one win!


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