S Voice On Galaxy S3 – An Answer to Apple’s Siri?

Samsung Galaxy S III is finally unpacked, we also covered the story quite a moment ago. Its time for checking out the device in-depth. While going through the various news and the reviews over the web we came across the few interesting features, like S Voice that caught our attention, though not new in the market but new and unexpected for this platform.

Samsung has tried to make its new smartphone, really the smartest in the market. With all the hardware upgradations that we could see like the 1 GB RAM, 8 MP Camera, increased memory, Exynos 4 Quad (1.4GHz) and many more, along with the hardware it also tried to catch up on the software and application side like the 50 GB storage for 2 years, Android 4.0.4 and the “S Voice“, this is the feature that caught our attention.

It is been said that with S Voice, Samsung  that given a direct answer to Apple’s Siri, a unique digital assistant and promises to make you life easier with just your voice commands, in your own language and the device will interpret you voice and work accordingly. Thought it does not work accurately all the time.

S Voice is much like Siri, it works the same way and most of the features are same. But with the Android how can you expect the same things which is out in the market, so S Voice has got some extra stuff in-stored for its users. This is according to the first phase of review but the few lucky people who got a chance to get their hands on it.

One of the few added features in S Voice is that you can set a wake-up command, using which you can unlock your phone using your voice. Now the twist it, only a particular person whose voice is preset in the device can do this. This voice recognition and understanding is seen at par with the company’s direct rival, Apple assuming that the accent sets fit for most of its users. This S voice is considered to posses a far better service in voice recognition compared to the Android’s standard voice recognition feature.

We hope that the new added features by Android would help it prove as the basic OS platform, but as of now Samsung is seen to have and upper hand over Android.

Let see how fare Samsung goes on with its new bells in Android platform- like S Voice, will it really be able to beat Apple’s Siri. Though Siri is not considered as the app for day-to-day use, as nobody uses voice commands everyday life, but with a new added feature of  to wake a phone up using voice may go some way to changing that. But ultimate test would be when the phone is in the hands of the real people, using it under the real life situations.

We have to wait for the time Galaxy S III comes into the grip of the common masses and how far it goes with its customers expectations and hopes. Till then its seems that he company has many goodies instored for its customers in that 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.55 mm body.

Stay tuned to know about more features of S voice.

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8 Responses to “S Voice On Galaxy S3 – An Answer to Apple’s Siri?”

  1. Siddharth Syal

    May 11. 2012

    S voice is much better than Apple’s Siri

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  2. Elena Anne

    May 13. 2012

    This seems very interesting. Does S voice also perform in other languages?

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      May 13. 2012

      Hello Elena, S voice can perform 8 languages. They are: American English, British English, Italian, German, Mediterranean, Latin, Spanish and Korean.

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  3. Shekhar

    May 14. 2012

    Indeed a great addition to S3…apart from the much talked glass design.

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  4. Wow! This S voice is the real big bang to the Samsung Galaxy S3. It looks like it will outsell the iPhone 4s with this development.

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  5. deanne sotero

    May 14. 2012

    This definitely proves a value to the mobile market today and it’ll beat Siri for sure! :)

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  6. Siddharth Syal

    May 17. 2012

    ya S voice is a great answer to Siri

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  7. Mike

    Jun 08. 2012

    S voice is a great effort but no way near as polished as Siri. It’s only new mind, so am sure Samsung are already working on improving it as we speak!

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