Robotic glove that can sense medical abnormalities in your body.

robotic glove

robotic glove

Soon we will shake hands that can sense abnormalities related to various precious organs of our body with the help of MedSensation. Thanks to the two engineers – Elishai Ezra and Fransiska Hadiwidjana and a Harvard Medical School student – Andrew Bishara who designed this robotic glove called Med Sensation to enhance one’s ability to diagnose body related problems.

The onboard sensors on this glove help to detect sounds, temperature and vibrations. While the buzzer system will help the sensors to send an alarm in case if it’s an emergency. Like if there’s an excessive pressure on the examined tissue, the patient/examiner is alarmed.The doctors also with ease can detect abnormalities in the enlarged internal organs such as kidneys or liver and with the help of this glove wore by the patient the results will be transmitted to an external device. Even during sports injuries or breast exams, a MedSensation can be a good option out there to assess. The developers are also working on to add ultrasound probes so that even heart abnormalities and abdominal pain can be detected.

The doctor’s examination skills are surely enhanced adding to the surety of the abnormalities. Developers are also trying to further enhance it so that a common man can detect abnormalities by himself. So detecting diseases on our own is possible with the help of this techy MedSensation. The further improvements should surely make it a happening device in the common man’s hand.


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