REVIEW: Chrome’s Acer C7

Super cheap portable book is what Acer C7 is. Very simple to use, fast booting speed. We have come across chrome books priced higher than ever, but with Samsung’s Chrome book, the price went to a normal window and with Acer’s C7 it goes cheaper by a $50 difference. It seems that the bargain mode is on for the chrome’s notebooks.

When we look at chrome, the web centric OS is much faster, cleaner and with your Google ID that it revolves around creates a perfect space for you in the cloud. And with Acer’s C7, this OS comes cheap as well. It comes with 320GB hard disc which is pretty descent at $199, comes with all those ports and Wi-fi too. HDMI, SD card slot, USB ports, all come along with Acer’s C7. Supports you to work online, checking, editing documents etcetera. If you want a netbook with more of browsing or like for browsing only, Acer C7 is something that is suitable for you. It has that physical keyboard, large hard drive when you compare to tablets also the price is quite low of Acer C7.

But when we throw some light on the disadvantages, the not so cool battery life is what one has to compromise on. So if you want something more than browsing and better battery life, go for the affordable tablets or else buy a regular laptop with Windows 7 or 8 by putting in some more quids.

Well now let us talk about its looks and feel. It is purely a Netbook body, hold it and that is what even you would say it. It is slim, with less than 1inch in width and so is the charger quite small in size. So portable indeed! Well it’s not flashy, the plastic body says it that it is cheap. No, please don’t expect a touchscreen. Yes, you have a touchpad for 1 finger scrooling because it doesn’t recognize the second finger it seems or it just goes too finicky. A 11.6 inch display that is too standard for 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. Brightness is like okay, and so are the off viewing angles. So web browsing is going to be good for you but to watch pictures and movies is not going to be a good experience.

So it is like when you are buying chrome, your book is going to be well versed with googledocs, gmail, google search engine and will perfectly sync well with google cloud services. But if you want to edit photos or like use those standalone apps, chrome is not going to impress you. So be stuck to web browsers if chrome is what one would buy. While coming to the webcam, it is pretty decent too. The dual core intel processor works well for this chrome book and so is 2GB Ram sufficient. But when I talk about games, even as basic as angry birds, playing offline goes a bit cumbersome. With Acer’s C7, for good experience you need to be online, online, online!


The battery life is like really less with a touchpad that is too not impressive. The Chrome OS is pretty much okay but you do have to compromise. While it is a perfect buy if browsing and cheap price is what attracts you, along with the plenty of ports.


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