Revenge of the stylus: Samsung Note 10.1 makes digital notebook a reality

Ever since I got my 1st pill I’ve been attempting to interchange my creditworthy newsperson notebooks with a digital various. It appears very retro to hide hi-tech merchandise at events like Google I/O and CES with a paper notebook. Sadly, till recently, no pill offered a mixture of precise pen input, usable screen assets, and a UI that allowed note taking in parallel with content viewing. Then I started operating with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that provides solid versions of all 3 options. If your desires are similar, you will notice that the Note ten.1 can finally allow you to ditch your paper notebooks.

With the tsunami of finger-touch devices on the market, it’s straightforward to forget that stylus input includes a wealthy, multi-decade tradition in mobile devices. Solely some years past the mobile productivity market was dominated by PDAs with tiny styli running Windows Mobile and Palm OS — fighting solely with the then-mighty Blackberry for mindshare.


However, beginning in 2007, the arrival of the iPhone’s electrical phenomenon touch screen and tip interface drove all those platforms to close extinction in brief order. Sadly, the baby was thrown out with the bathwater. While not precise stylus input, writing became a duty on phones and tablets. Most current pill models are fine for fast jots, however writing pages of text is at the best hard. Drawing could be a very little higher, however while not pressure sensitivity, it’s troublesome to feel totally scepter as associate creative person or artist.

Samsung’s S Pen technology addresses these problems during a huge method. At base, it’s associate correct pressure-sensitive stylus that registers exactly on the tablet’s screen. Samsung has additionally smartly used its Air read technology (which reacts once the stylus is close to the display) to supply intelligent palm rejection once victimization S Pen-enabled applications. Between Air read and application-specific writing, the Note will a superb job of permitting each bit and stylus input whereas not having stray touches destroy writing or drawing with the S Pen. Applications while not full S Pen support, like my standby for inking notes, Handwrite professional, get the advantage of restricted palm rejection however some careful handling to create them need work well.


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