Research indicates, couple of phones give head on competition to iPhone 5

Apple is a brand that one loves to be owned, and when it comes to apple’s iphone 5 it has gained its place and satisfied the users. However the smarphones by HTC, Samsung, and Motorola are doing great and giving a tough competition to Apple in all perspectives from sales to user satisfaction and all. A recent study by a mobile research firm, OnDevice Research in U.S. had iPhone 5 to trail to number 5 in user satisfaction according to studies. The phone to top the chart was Motorola Atrix HD followed by Motorola Droid Razer M on number second and HTC Rezound 4G on number 3 while Samsung Galaxy S2 on number 4 making iPhone 5 to hit number 5.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5


The poll had 320,000 smartphone and tablet users in total from 6 countries of which 93,285 users were from U.S. and 52,140 people polled from U.K. The U.S. poll results are as said above while the U.K. results had iPhone to be on number 2. Here, HTC’s One X topped the list followed by iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy note 2 on number 3, Samsung Galaxy Note mini 3 on number 4 and Samsung Galaxy S 3 on number 5. Motorola was not in picture in U.K whereas it was vivid in U.S.

Overalll in six countries i.e. U.K., U.S., France, Japan, Germany and Indonesia iPhone did top the list for user satisfaction but iphone 5 was placed as low as number 5 on U.S. charts and number 2 on U.K. charts. The two main and hyped markets of the world didn’t have iPhone 5 to top the list but Motorola, Samsung and HTC to be vivid in the picture.  4G also played its role, people were highly satisfies with 4G than the users who still were stuck with 3G and remained unsatisfied with third generation.

On a scale of 1 to 10 as rated by the users, U.S. had Apple iPhone 5 average of 8.23 which ranked number 5 while Motorola Atrix HD having average of 8.57 which ranked on number one. Quite a difference when seen from 93,285 users view while that in U.K. had HTC One X average of 8.47 and iPhone 5 with 8.21 stand on number 2. Samsung Galaxy S3 which ranked on number 5  had average of 8.09.

The research indicates how HTC, Motorola, Samsung are doing good giving Apple a cut throat competition. It is the Android platform that makes a difference it seems, how much in love we are with Android. 


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