How to : Provide Better Customer Service With Latest Technology

Technology has played a huge role in the way that businesses are founded, operated, and marketed with proper customer service. With the turn of the century technology available to almost every business, it has become much easier to ensure success, growth, and revenue generating for the businesses in existence.

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If you are entertaining the idea of starting a new business, or are a slightly inexperienced entrepreneur who may be currently finding yourself in over your head, you should break down the different aspects of customer service. This will make them easier to digest and implement, ensuring your success as a business owner.

The Technologies Behind Customer Service

There are two main categories within this article, with the first one pertaining to direct contact of customers. This includes any correspondence between a business and its customers; whether it is by direct conversation, newsletters, promotional mailing, and many other forms of communication.

  • Customer Hotlines – Using 0844 Business Numbers :

Business numbers are perfect as customer service hot lines. 0844 numbers from 08Direct are used widely throughout the country, and provide a unique benefit to any caller; they can call in at local calling rates, rather than long distance.

These business numbers are non-geographic, and are perfect for national advertising. With 0844, you can also earn some revenue for your business, which grows as your incoming calls do. This is a good option to keep in mind should you desire a customer service line.

customer service

  • Websites – General Information and News : A website is very important to have as a business, especially if you are engaged in internet marketing. A website tells customers all about your business, products, and services. It can also introduce any important news, and employees that they will encounter.

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  • Email – Immediate Updates : Email lists are perfect for sending out mass emails to customers. Many individuals check their email accounts on a daily basis, ensuring that they see your messages. Email updates are useful for changes in hours, change in location, new openings, sales, customer perks, and any other immediate news that you want your entire customer base to hear.

Fine-Tuning Your Business According to Customers

Your business operates solely on the needs and wants of your customers; the basic rule of supply and demand. You must know what your customers need so that you can provide it to them. By using different tools, you can analyze your customers for the benefit of your business.

customer service

  • Analytic Software : These types of software can gather and analyze customer feedback regarding your business, as it is entered. This can help you to see what the majority of your customers are saying, allowing you to customize your business to their needs.
  • Using Insights for Marketing : Every business needs marketing; but you should not shoot into the dark. By using the results of customer analytic software, you can push your advertisement campaigns to related customers, ensuring no money goes wasted.
  • Automating Business Tasks : Certain business tasks can be automated so that you can put your time into more important matters; like direct communication with customers. You can automate business tasks such as deliveries, invoices, orders, and more; this makes your business run more efficiently, and can lower costs.

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  1. Kevin Gabbard

    Jun 25. 2012

    Great advice for keeping your customers happy. Everybody knows that your clientele is your number one priority in any business, so keeping them happy will help your business run better for sure. By keeping yourself up to date with the cutting edge technology, your also not giving them reason to go elsewhere. Nice read very enjoyable thanks.

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  2. Lisa

    Jul 04. 2012

    I think the idea of beginning a new company, or are a a little bit newbie business proprietor who may be currently discovering yourself in over your head, you should crack down the different factors of client support. This will make them easier to process and apply, guaranteeing your achievements as a business proprietor…Thanks

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  3. Koundeenya

    Jul 11. 2012

    At least for now, I hope bigrock read this or maybe along with dreamhost. They might need this very badly.

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  4. possum removal

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