Premium Suite Upgrade now for Samsung Galaxy S III

premium suite upgrade for S III

premium suite upgrade for S III

Samsung unveils the Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy SIII. The update that is already a part of note devices is now unveiled for SIII too. What does the premium suite do? It allows the users to manage between their separate windows at a time. So with the upgrade available, Samsung Galaxy SIII users can now open two apps at a time and go accessing in a much easier way.
Well the more exciting updates and upgrades for Premium suite include enhancements like PageBuddy. What PageBuddy does is nothing but a prediction, like it predicts what actually a consumer will intend to do. Like if you plugin headphones, via PageBuddy automatically a page will open with your media or music player. Also, most used, frequently used apps are right there on top of your screen for easy access. Photos also go easy and upgraded with date and time attached if needed.
There are lots of updates for camera like the best photo of five at a time, like closed eyes which generally does happen for someone or the other in a photo shall not make you again click the same photo again via this upgrade.
So all in all it goes as:
1. Contextual Awareness.
As described above with Pagebuddy, there is an altogether a contextual awareness and predictions according to the user.
2. Enhanced Media use.
Camera use does get enhanced with low light shots, better light and flash use, and the best of five photos is a classic feature. You can also change the moods of the pictures according to your need with this upgrade. You can also detect faces, and give the number of faces you want to detect accordingly.
3. More features and easy access.
Features like managing sound volume to the left as well as right side of headphones differently does make it more apt. The setup wizard and the easy access to your frequently used apps does make it much more user friendly. More features and easy access is the mantra.
SIII is a popular phone and with the upgrade the use of the phone will be enhanced. Samsung had announced that it will unveil Premium Suite Upgrade for SIII soon and it has. Upgrades for others shall also be available sooner or later.


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