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After the release of Instagram the much awaited Android app, and within a day or so there almost 1 million downloads all over the world. In case you haven’t heard, Facebook  had bought Instagram for a $1 billion. At present officially the app is only available for Android users and iOS users, and an app called Carousel supports on the desktops running on Mac OS, But no where you can find the Windows involved, but there is nothing to worry if you are a Windows user, there are many Instagram Desktop Apps too.

Here is the list of top 10 Instagram Desktop Apps to enhance your experience of Instagram and access some pretty cool features, including news feeds and private messaging. The things that you can do include browsing the online photographs, follow and unfollow other users on the board, and you can receive and put comments and like on other uploaded photos.

1. Instagrille

This app for your Windows desktop is created by SweetLabs that is been backed by Google and Intel which is working on Pokki- A platform for the developers that enables them to develop connected apps using the standard web languages like the latest HTML5 and many more.

2. Extragram

Extragram, a shiny new third-party web app, brings Systrom’s vision to fruition. It is developed by a five-man team, Extragram is a slick web client that lets Instagram users log in to access photos on the web, instead of just via the iPhone app. Extragram gives Instagram members three different views for feed and popular photos: Grid, Filmstrip or Map.

3. Gramfeed

Gramfeed is website for viewing Instagram Photos, you can view popular Instagram photos, view your Instagram photo feed, view your follower’s photo feed, visualize photos on google maps, post comments, like photos, search photos by tags or location, search users, follow new users and more.

4. Carousel

Carousel is a desktop app for your mac that brings the Instagram viewing experience to your desktop. In Carousel, you can open every user’s profile to check out their photos. You can comment and like pictures, too. You can also browse user profiles and follow/unfollow as normal.

5. InstaDM

InstaDM offers from a complete recommended chat client Instagram API. Users can speak privately favorites of the potential users about the content of his heart with lists of contacts from, as push notifications. The chat option of this create the perfect way with new friends, It also have ability to search for each user from within the app.

instagram desktop apps

6. Inkstagram

Inkstagram, a third-party Web client for beloved iPhone photo-sharing app Instagram, has added user-created hashtag albums to its browser-based photo gallery. With Inkstagram, you can view your feed, view your own photos, comment on and like (♥) photos, search by user, hashtag and more. Inkstagram provides the ability to send the link via email to friends  too.

7. Instadesk

Instadesk is an Instagram client for OS X that brings the service’s photos and social features to the Mac desktop. It has all features like follow, view your feed, comment on pictures etc, but sadly, NO uploading due to Instagram policies. This application will suck you in, and steal all of your time (in the best way possible). InstaDesk is available for $4.99 in the Mac Store.

8. Visual Grub

Visual Grub brings most of the Instagram experience to your desktop, sans actually taking and sharing your photos. Fire it up alongside your chat clients and leave it open while you work, it’s happy sitting off to the side and quietly reading your Instagram feed. If you’re a loyal Twitter app user, the user interface of Visual Grub is something you’ll be accustomed to.

9. Postagram

Postagram makes it easy to send Instagram, Facebook, and mobile phone photos as photo postcards from your iPhone, ipod touch or Android phone. The best feature of this is that you can Send postcards using photos from Instagram, Facebook or your phone with Postagram for iPhone and Android.

10. Calendagram

If you’ve ever wanted to make a wall calendar out of your Instagram photos, Calendagram lets you do it. Unfortunately, you can only choose from your photos. It makes perfect sense, because those photos are yours to do with whatever you like, after all. It also offer the service of printing and mailing your calendars to any destination worldwide within 3 business days.

In order to use these popular Instagram Desktop Apps, you should get an Instagram first icon razz Top 10 Desktop Apps and services for Instagram.

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