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Pictures have now become a way of depicting our day to day activities from any functions to just random clicks too. The storage capacity of phones is too good to worry about how many pictures to be clicked. We upload, we share, we view and play with the pictures. But when it comes to organizing pictures or say like easy access for the picture you are looking for it is QuickPic that is going to help you. Efficient that it is, it is quick too, comes for all the Android users.

quickpic android

quickpic android

Coming to the user access, it is simple and easy to navigate like other apps. Once you download this app, it’ll browse all photos in your SD card and arrange the aptly in folders like received, shared, downloaded, camera and others. Also, you can view folders and pictures in list, grid, thumbnails view. Also there is a hide option via which you can hide selected pictures or folders. Well, that is so required by many. Well, you would think that the Blackberry does come with all this already but here we are talking about Android. There is a bigger pool, a bigger market and also Quickpic allows to delete or rename folders. You can also view slideshow of the pictures, edit pictures, set passwords for hidden pictures and much more to offer.

You can browse thumbnails vertically instead of the normal horizontal by default, however if you wish to change it to horizontal you can do so in the settings. Just click on the browse option in the settings and change according to your wish. You can include folders, exclude folders for browsing if you want to speed up the process. Via edit you can crop, resize, rotate and also resize according to aspect ratio. You can share pictures online too but still it doesn’t have access to facebook and picassa.

Organizing your photos is what you are looking for then QuickPic is the solution for you if you an android user. Your images will be more organized, easily accessible along with QuickPic. Yes, you can rely on the app!

It is the best android image app and fastest too.


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